Die Firma

The company Meinolf Venker Werkzeugmaschinen was initially founded as sideline in 1987.

From 1996 on the business was located on Baumweg 11, 33397 Rietberg-Varensell. Due to expansion and the lack of space a new machine bearing with workshop was built on Titanweg 4 in Verl in 2008. The available crane capacity at this location amounts to 20 tonnes.

Again, due to the lack of space another hall with 750 square metres and a double crane system with 25 tonnes was built at Titanweg 8 in 2011. At the same time the Venker Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH was founded and the business was transferred to the new company.

Since September 2016 the enterprise is located in the neighbouring Gütersloh. In the new premises the storage area increases to 4.000 m² and the crane capacity is now 32 t.

  • Anemonenweg 8, 33335 Gütersloh
    Tel: +49 5241 / 221 050
    Mobil: 0172 / 273 082 0